Unleash Your Inner Captain!

If you're new to boating and want to be the captain of your own boat, you're in luck!

Getting Started

Welcome aboard! No license or prior experience is required. Our experienced staff will provide a comprehensive briefing and demonstration to get you started.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority. We'll make sure all passengers wear life jackets and keep personal belongings secure. We'll also provide tips for protecting electronic devices and staying sun-safe.

Cruising Tips

We'll provide guidance on cruising etiquette, including ensuring all passengers are seated and avoiding crowded areas. We'll also cover anchoring procedures and the importance of avoiding alcohol on board.

Boat Operations

We'll teach you how to operate the boat via a remote control, with clear instructions for starting the engine, lifting the anchor, and using the power trim machine. We'll also cover safety measures, like keeping the Quick Stop in your hand while sailing.

Navigation and Distance

We'll explain how to navigate the waters and maintain a safe distance from swimmers and the coast. We'll also provide guidance on staying within 2 nautical miles of the coast.

Regulations and Priorities

Finally, we'll cover any important regulations or priorities to be aware of while at sea. Don't hesitate to ask our staff for more information or guidance. Happy sailing!